Our Story


Kenbee caters to curious preschoolers and facilitates better educational growth to prepare students with skills of the 21st century. Our books are endowed with hands-on activities, fascinating simulations, and audiovisuals.

It helps in engaging the learners in a way that they can develop a lifetime love for learning. Kenbee's website brings study material to students in the form of video lessons, e-books, audio lessons, and assessment sheets so that kids can focus interestingly and constructively. Online books with the benefit of 4 in 1 (book, workbook, homework, classwork) help reduce the extra burden for small kids and provide a safe and trusted learning environment. Also, parents can better evaluate the performance of their kids with quarterly report cards and 4 assessment sheets (academic coordination, principal, teacher, parent). The well-researched and sophisticated pre-primary curriculum prepared by Kenbee Edutech follows a structured day to day development and learning approach which is unique till date. Our books have unique coding/marking methodology making it easy to understand topics for both teachers and students.

So grab the finest content from the best learning resources in our curriculum which comprises English, Mathematics, and Hindi with conceptual programs.

The Founder of Kenbee Edutech

Mr. Nikhil Sharma, the Founder of Kenbee Edutech is serving as an expert educationalist with the experience of over 20 years and is running 3 schools in Jaipur. He is working with the aim to add impact to early education and his decades of experience is reflected in every single page of these books.

To make the topics easy to understand for both parents and teachers, a unique coding/marking methodology is used in the books. Along with this, our integrated learning approach covers five basic elements of balanced development that are: social, emotional, linguistic, cognitive and physical.