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About Us

Kenbee Edutech is an attempt to bring revolutionary change in Pre-Primary Education in the best interest of Country’s growth and development.

What we do

We offer Books for Pre-Primary / Early Child eduction and a holistic solutions for School Development & handholding.

Why Us

Kenbee books are powered with 25 years of research and resolves the fundamental issues including teaching pedigree, learning methodology, Child friendliness.

Our books are First of its kind - ALL IN ONE BOOK i.e. Activity Book, Notebook, Class Work (CW) & Home work Sheets.

The creatively designed activities enhance word & letter recognition to improve Cognitive, Linguistic, Mental, Emotional & Logical quotient.

Why We Are Special

Size & weight of the books is kept keeping in mind the ease of handling for kids. The books therefore are CHILD FRIENDLY.

Pre-defined lesson plan for class work and Home work makes it easier for teachers to manage more time for student development.

Each Books Come With Amazing Animated Video For Each Day/lesson Illustration Making Ir Easy For Teachers To Deliver And Interesting For Kids To Learn.

Teaching Pedigree

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