About Us

about kenbee 


The Founder of Kenbee Edutech Mr. Nikhil Sharma is serving in this field as an expert educationalist with the experience of over 20 years and is running 3 schools in Jaipur. His aim is to make early education impactful and to achieve this, he has crafted every single page of these books with his decades of experience. 

Kenbee is the comprehensive solution for kids in pre-K that serves as the trusted, safe and fun experience for both parents and educators. We have hundreds of books with superior quality of educational content helpful in skill development, reading, writing, problem solving etc. 

The well-researched and sophisticated pre-primary curriculum prepared by Kenbee Edutech follows a structured day to day development and learning approach which is unique till date. Our books have unique coding/marking methodology making it easy to understand topics for both teachers and students. 

In a pre-schooler, balanced development is ensured with learning that comprises five basic elements: emotional, cognitive, social, linguistic and physical and these are covered in our integrated approach of learning. 

An ideal educational curriculum is one that ensures holistic development of the learner and enhances their confidence making them prepared to deal with higher education challenges easily and this is what we are aiming for at Kenbee.

Our vision: To bring revolution in education through easy and fun learning with empowered teaching that helps students to develop better understanding.

Our mission: We are aimed to transform the school education system by making the process valuable, educational and future oriented. 

Our values: We design our educational solutions to enhance learning process output, develop skills of critical thinking, help in better concepts clarity, and make the students ready for the future.