1. What is Kenbee Edutech?

Kenbee Edutech is the comprehensive solution for kids in pre-K through 8 with well-researched and sophisticated curriculum made for structured day to day development and learning. The books have unique coding/marking methodology that helps both teachers and students to easily understand the topics. The content of our books is aimed at better engagement, ease of learning and better academic growth. 

The books are well-researched, unique, light-weight, and have same reading and writing font that is unique and not found anywhere else. The 4 in 1 feature makes the books further interesting with book, workbook, homework and classwork included in one. 

  1. Which boards are covered in Kenbee Edutech?

The curriculum of Kenbee Edutech covers all the primary boards including CBSE, State board, ICSE, IB and others. 

  1. How many digital books are there On Kenbee website? 

There are 500+ books available as digital content online covering all the three subjects that the parents can provide to their kids for online learning.

  1. Are the books of Kenbee Edutech available offline as well?

Yes, we have books in both digital and print format therefore parents can select the required books and get them for their wards offline too. 

  1. How parents can get report of children

There are practice sheets for evaluating performance, quarterly report cards and 4 sheets of assessments that parents can use for checking how their ward is performing.

  1. Why should I choose Kenbee Edutech?

There are several features that make our books at Kenbee unique:

  • Unique coding/marking methodology in the books that helps in understanding topics easily for both teachers and students.

  • Same font used in reading and writing that is unique and not available with any other publication. 

  • Unique learning approach used in books that makes it fun and easy for children to learn and understand the concepts.

  • Structured day to day development and learning approach used in content (both print and digital format)

  • Fun and engaging video content of books with bee writing feature making it fun and unique and also prepare kids for online learning.

  • 4 in 1 book feature (book, workbook, classwork, homework) that makes the learning attractive for kids.

  • 4 assessments sheets (academic coordination, principal, teacher and parent) and quarterly report cards.

  1. Is content available in Hindi, both online and offline?

Yes, there are Hindi books available both online and offline (print and digital format) so that parents can get the required books for their kids. 

  1. What are the subjects covered?

Our curriculum covers three subjects of Hindi, English and Mathematics to help the children develop strong basic skills so that they can excel in learning.  

  1. What if a bug effects a content, how long does it takes to fix it?

In case any sort of bug is identified in the content, it will take maximum 48 working hours to fix and update the same. You need to report the bugs at ___________

  1. How can I contact the support team?